The ECS Therapeutics Difference: Quality that Meets the Discriminating Standards of Healthcare Professionals 


ECS Therapeutics® was the first healthcare professional provider of a line of products that support the body's endocannabinoid system ("ECS"). With the potency and purity issues exposed in mass market brand hemp extracts [view JAMA Research Letter] and more recently [FDA Report to Congress], ECS Therapeutics created a line of quality-confirmed products as a reliable solution for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Our rigorous quality and testing standards are designed to produce consistent clinical benefits. As the sister company to Patient One MediNutritionals, a trusted health professional-exclusive nutraceutical line, we understand that products need to be authentic, potent, and pure to be safe and effective. ECS Therapeutics also proudly meets these high standards. 



Why Practitioners choose us. 

Quality-Confirmed Products  

ECS Therapeutics products are made from organically grown hemp plants. The extraction processes we use allow us to extract phytonutrients and natural molecules without the use of harmful solvents. Our extensive 3rd-party testing on every batch confirms purity and potency, so you can be assured of quality and safety. [See more details on our testing below.]

Therapeutic Potencies in a Variety of Delivery Forms

Our ECS Therapeutics liquids, softgels, liquid vegetable capsules and topicals were created specifically for use in the health professional setting, in therapeutic potencies to achieve efficacy that you and your patients seek.


Our full-disclosure labels display milligrams of CBD so you can be clear on potency per serving. Each label contains a QR code that links to complete independent testing on every lot. 

Practitioner Education and Support

ECS Therapeutics is committed to practitioner education in this exciting area of health and wellness. We invite health professionals to access our ECS Learning Center, with educational tools and webinars to expand knowledge in endocannabinoid system health, clinical applications, dosing strategies, safety considerations and more.

Practitioner Exclusivity

ECS Therapeutics is dedicated exclusively to health professionals, and our products are distributed only by authorized practitioners. 

Online Dispensary

Our Online Dispensary provides a convenient option for Practitioners and their patients. For practices that don’t wish to stock inventory, for patient re-orders between visits, or when using tele-medicine, through this free service we ship ECS Therapeutics products direct to your patients’ doorsteps.


Quality Assurance: Meticulous QC and Testing 

Our professional line of hemp-derived products is manufactured in adherence with all current good manufacturing practices (GMP). We follow stringent manufacturing quality control and testing procedures. Then, taking quality assurance a step further, every batch of our products is independently analyzed by a leading 3rd party, ISO-accredited testing laboratory specializing in the industrial hemp and cannabis industries.  

To ensure quality and safety, ECS Therapeutics products are analyzed for:

  • Cannabinoid profile  
  • Terpene profile 
  • Purity: a range of contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, microbial and bacterial content  

We proudly disclose our testing results. Independent Lab Analyses are posted for review by registered Practitioners to provide added assurance and peace of mind about what our products contain--and what they do not contain. At ECS Therapeutics, we pride ourselves in quality, transparency and outstanding customer service.



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About our ECS Therapeutics Product Line 

Products are currently available in these convenient-to-use forms


Full-spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Raw hemp extract in calibrated dropper bottles for easy administration. Unlike most liquid hemp extracts, our professional-use products provide a calibrated glass pipette for proper dosing, removing the imprecision and hassle of counting drops. 

Additionally, with the calibrated glass dropper, our liquids offer flexibility in dosing to meet different patient needs.

Our liquid hemp extracts are also available for pets.

Softgels and Liquid Vegetable Capsules

Full-spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Raw hemp extract provided in convenient softgels and liquid vegetable capsules.


Our ECS Therapy creams supply hemp extract enhanced with synergistic botanicals in an easy-to-dispense pump bottle. Available in regular and extra strength formulas, our all-natural topicals absorb quickly into the skin and promote a cooling and soothing effect.