What does it mean to be NSF® GMP Certified?

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) audits our FDA-registered facility annually, checking documentation and ensuring we have the proper equipment, facilities and controls in place to produce dietary supplements by their stringent health standards. 

Why we go the extra mile

In a 2022 transparency analysis done by Leafreport, 4,384 products from 188 CBD brands were evaluated and tested to determine if their label potency claims were accurate and if microbes, pesticides and heavy metals testing was performed for every product. The results reveal that just 12% of brands had all products within acceptable variance potency levels, and only 7% test all of their products for microbes, heavy metals and pesticides.

Achieving NSF GMP certification for dietary supplements validates ECS Nutraceuticals Group’s promise of high-quality hemp products, and it allows us to stand apart as a responsible leader among manufacturers and distributors in the CBD category that is noted for its lack of regulation and consistency.

Our extensive independent testing further confirms purity and potency, providing an added level of quality assurance. We 3rd party test for cannabinoids, heavy metals, microbes, contaminants, pesticides, residual solvents and terpenes on every single batch.

How it impacts you

This certification provides further assurance for health professionals and patients that our hemp products meet stringent quality standards throughout every step of the manufacturing process, starting with ingredient sourcing through finished products.


You can rest assured with ECS Therapeutics